Conferences and Meetings

Konferens på Kongsbacken

Conferences & Meetings

The key word at Kongsbacken is creativity. Activity drives creativity. We have created a unique environment that promotes imagination and serves as a source of inspiration. For example, we have a special ‘creativity room’, equipped to let the participants vary their standing and seating positions in order to promote the flow of thoughts. A whiteboard covering an entire wall allows the drawing of large mind maps.


The setting caters to new pedagogic methods that boostgroup dynamics. Participants are more tightly knit. The setup and the context keep them alert and energetic. If you are not quite sure how to get the maximum dividend and efficiency from your conference, we will be happy to provide advice and ideas about the setup.


Research shows that one is more alert when one is physically actives. We recommend short, effective sub-meetings alternated with short physical activities, preferably outdoors. Although Kongsbacken is only four kilometers outside Tranås we have the forest and Lake Sommen just around the corner.


We gladly provide various activities such as:

  • original, fun and intense workouts. Thanks to our expertise we can adapt the content of a training session so that it fits both less-trained people and athletes within one and the same group. Great for team-building to do take on challenges and have fun together!
  • Lectures on physical and mental training, stress reduction and nutrition.
  • Joint cooking in our restaurant kitchen – a much appreciated activity.
  • Guided hikes in the beautiful nature around Kongsbacken
  • Guided kayak trips on Lake Sommen.


We primarily target group conferences for approx. 8-12 participants. There are two large group rooms available, three smaller group rooms and a large lounge. The dining area, which quickly turns into a large conference room, comfortably sits 40-45 persons. The sauna, gym, dining room and open fireplace provide unique opportunities for more informal meetings. No disruptions or disturbances!


All modern conference equipment is available.

Vårt "kreaktivitetsrum"
Det finns det tre mindre grupprum.
Paddling på sjön Sommen
Plats för upp till 45 personer
Konferensrum med projektor, whiteboard och blädderblock. För upp till 15 personer.

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